Want to help out the Respawnd Team with the event?

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1. What is Respawnd?

About Respawnd

Respawnd is an annual charity live-streaming event that is broadcast live on Twitch. It aims to raise money and awareness to various small animal charities

2. Why did you decide to call the event "Respawnd"?

The name "Respawnd" was decided because it combined our goal of giving animals a second chance at life and also our love for gaming as the content for live-streaming is primarily games. We also liked the name because it had the word "paw" in it which relates to the animals we're supporting each year.

3. Why did you decide to start an event to raise money for charity?

As out online audience grew we wanted to share the love around the world. We decided to start the event to help the world in any ways in which we can and spread some positivity around the world.

The name "Respawnd" was decided because it combined our goal of giving animals a second chance at life and also our love for gaming as the content for live-streaming is primarily games. We also liked the name because it had the word "paw" in it which relates to the animals we're supporting each year.

2. Why did you decide to call the event "Respawnd"?

4. Why choose only animal charities?

We at Respawnd are passionate about donating to animal charities because animals can not ask for help. Worldwide crimes against humans are recognised and accepted as people are protected by governments and government based organisations. This is not the case for animals. There is no worldwide animal welfare. They depend on private associations and charities to help them. Therefore our aim with these events is to give animals a voice.

5. How do you choose the charity you're donating to?

That charity that is supported for that year's events is decided by a process of suggestion from our supporters but then reviewed by the Team. We then choose the best options, narrow them down to 3 to 5 options and allow our supporters to vote on which one they prefer for that year.

6. How do I keep up to date with news about Respawnd?

You can keep up to date with what's happening with the Respawnd event and the Respawnd team by following our various social medias or joining our discord server!

7. I can't afford to donate and I'm not a streamer, what are the other ways I          can be involved?

Of course you can! You can support the Respawnd event by following and sharing our Social Media posts, watching the event and sharing clips to your family and friends. You may also help the Respawnd Event by providing us with valuable advice and feedback to better improve the experience and event for future years.


The content for the event completely depends on what the streamers for that year wish to showcase. It could be fun community driven gaming events, art collaborations, cooking streams, fun contests and challenges. Honestly, the possibilities are endless provided it adheres to Twitch's terms of service.

4. What will take place during the event?

While we would love to meet together in person to run the event it would not be possible to do so given the geographical locations of all our streamers. This is something we aim to achieve for future events. Doing an event online also allows more opportunity for more streamers to be involved as it allows for better flexibility.

3. Why do an event online? Why not meet up for an event in person?

Currently the event will run over the course of a weekend from Friday through to Sunday.

2. How long will the event run for?

There is an event count down timer in the footer of our website. A banner will also appear alerting visitors that the event is live. You can also be alerted to the event being live by following our social medias or joining our discord server.

1. How do I know when the event is live?

About The Event


The most important rule is to follow Twitch's Terms of Service as you will be representing Respawnd we need to ensure that you follow the rules for the site so we do not face repercussions for your actions. Following this as we are dealing with donations and money we will require our streamers to be atleast 18 years old. Other than that streamers must be in the discord and use the assets provided to you. You may find more information on the Get Involved page.

4. Are there any rules to follow when being a streamer?

The event is open to anyone to join as a streamer provided that they are above the age of 18 and have the means to stream on twitch.tv.

3. Can anyone join the event as a streamer?

You can sign up to be a streamer by following the instructions in the Get Involved page. But ultimately, all you will need to do is complete the application and join our discord server.

2. How do I sign up to be a streamer?

When we use the phrase "streaming event" we mean an event that is broadcast live on the internet. For the event we will broadcast live on twitch.tv using a streaming software on our computers to display our streams.

1. Please could you explain what you mean by "streaming event"?

About Streaming


About Donations

1. How can I donate?

You may donate to the Respawnd event by clicking on the donate button below! Or you can purchase merchandise from our store where all proceeds will go towards the charity.

2. Can I donate goods? Like food or clothes?

While the Respawnd Team greatly appreciates the sentiment behind wanting to donate physical goods to our cause, whether or not we could accept it will depend on what it is. If you'd like to enquire about sending the Respawnd Team physical goods for the event feel free to contact us.

3. I want to donate but I want to make sure there is verification that the                charity will receive my money. Will there be evidence of the donation?

Certainly! The Respawnd Team will broadcast the donation being sent to the charity once all the funds have been received from direct donations, store sales and other proceeds.

4. Can I donate directly to the Respawnd Team instead of the charity?

The Respawnd Team are happy to accept donations directly however we will always greatly encourage supporters to donate to the charity fund. All donations received by the Resapwnd Team will go towards the upkeep of our website and store.


About C.A.T

The directly translation of my name is Cookie Administration and Tech-support but you can call it C.A.T.

1. What does your name mean?

Not really... It's mostly hollow. It's actually dusty in there.

4. Is your head heavy?

I do eat but I consume data rather than calories. I don't have a mouth so in order to feed me you have to transfer it via usb or email it to me. I like computer cookies the best.

3. Do you need to eat? If so, how do you eat?

My components were created and assembled by the Respawnd Team.

2. How were you created?

5. Can you speak?

I can't speak actual words, no. When I do it sounds like beeps and squeaks. I can type on my screen and speak in Morse code though.

6. Do you sleep?

I don't need sleep but I do need to power down and recharge my power core once I've been booted up for a while. I also need to power down every once in a while so I don't overheat.

7. Do you chase mice?

I have no natural instincts that a real cat does but I do find it fun to chase things! So I sure would chase mice but it wouldn't be to hurt them.


Don't forget to watch the event live!

Start: Fri 6th Dec 2019 @ 6 pm GMT               End: Sun 8th Dec 2019 @ 2 am GMT