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Want to help out the Respawnd Team with the event?

Please read below to find out ways that you can!

Want to donate?

If you would like to donate to the Respawnd event you may do so by clicking the button below.


You may also support the chosen charity by purchasing some Respawnd merch.

All contributions will be added to the pool for that year and then donated to the chosen charity.

The Respawnd Event welcomes new additions to the streaming team! If you'd like to help the event by taking part as a streamer please follow the below instructions:

1. Join the Respawnd Event discord server.


2. Complete the Streamer application.


3. Be sure to download and use the resources provided.


Want to stream?

Other ways to help


Alternatively, please read the below to know how you may help the Respawnd Event team in other ways.

You may donate to the Respawnd Event team directly. All funds received will be used on funding the event in some way either by helping us pay for the website, on the production of merch, ect

If you like to assist the Respawnd Team in other ways you may contact us!

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  • SM ICONS circle - twitter
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